5 Tips for Choosing your Criminal Defense Team

No one wants to be in the position, but let us admit, life happens. When you are facing a situation when it is necessary to hire a criminal defense team you need to ensure that you are hiring the best possible team to defend you in court. The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry wants nothing more than for you to be comfortable and confident in your case when going into court. There are 5 main tips that we have to offer you in order to hire the best criminal defense team to represent you in the court of law. 

Tip 1: We Specialize in Criminal Law

When you are facing criminal charges, it is important to hire a lawyer that specializes in criminal law. Hiring a family lawyer for your criminal case is like hiring a doctor that specializes in shoulders to look at your broken foot! Just like in the medical field, lawyers have different specialties and concentrations in their practice. When you hire a team that specializes in criminal law, you are doing yourself a big favor in your case.

Due to our long-time experience specializing in criminal defense, the law office of Jennifer A. Curry will help you to find the best solution to any legal issue with top criminal defense attorney representation in Georgia and Federal. 

Tip 2: Transparent Training and Experience

A good criminal defense team is going to be transparent in where they have worked and received their education. If you are working with a criminal defense lawyer that is a bit lofty on where they have come from, this should serve as a red flag! A good lawyer will let their clients know what they specialize in and how they got to where they are! Jennifer A. Curry is extremely transparent in her practice. To read more about her educational background, specialties, and where she is admitted to practice, click here.

Tip 3: Prioritize Communication with Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do not be lax on what you expect from your criminal defense attorney. If you are hiring someone to defend you in the court of law, they should provide quick, thorough communication with you. In the court of law, time is more precious than ever. If you have trouble even getting in contact with your criminal defense attorney, it may be time to rethink your choice.

Tip 4: Confidence in the Courtroom is Necessary

You want a criminal defense attorney that will run your situation. Not let your situation run you. When choosing a criminal defense attorney, it is important to establish whether or not they are confident in the courtroom or not. A few indicators of this can be how much experience they have with the charges you are facing and whether or not they portray themselves as someone to take charge or to sit back and watch.

Tip 5: Trust the First Impression

When trying to find candidates to represent your criminal charges, it is important to listen to your gut and first impressions of the criminal defense attorney you are about to hire. Did they respond quickly to your consultation inquiry? Did you get along with them during your consultation? Have you found reputable sources for their previous practices? Are they specialized in your criminal charge? Once your first impression has been made, listen to that. Your gut, generally, never lies!

Top Georgia Criminal Attorney

Jennifer A. Curry is your top Georgia criminal attorney. If you are having trouble finding a reliable, solid criminal defense attorney, turn to the Jennifer A. Curry law firm. We will compassionately work with you through every step of your case, from the initial consultation to the courtroom, and finally determining the best strategy moving forward. We are committed to providing the best legal defense possible for the accused so you can get back to the important things in life.

Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbus, GA?

Are you in need of a criminal defense lawyer? If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer may very likely be “yes.” If you’re questioning whether you may benefit from legal representation, especially a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus, GA or Phenix City, AL, it may be in your best interest to reach out to an experienced legal team today.

But let’s backtrack and go into more detail. Who is in need of a criminal defense lawyer? How can they help? And when should you call a legal team on your behalf?

When to Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbus, GA

You should call a criminal defense lawyer if you have been involved in criminal activity. If you have committed a crime, if you witnessed a crime, overheard others talking about a crime, etc., it can help to have a legal defense team in your court. Other times to contact a criminal defense lawyer are if you have been arrested, or if you have heard that law enforcement is looking for you, or have been questioning others about your whereabouts. All of these scenarios can cause you to benefit from an experienced legal team.

You should contact your criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you’re arrested, don’t talk and ask to contact your lawyer. You should not speak to law enforcement or another lawyer who is not representing your case. You can also reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in the event that you have committed a crime.

In short, anyone involved in a crime or who might be considered an accessory to the crime can benefit from a criminal defense team.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Does Not Admit Guilt

An important aspect to point out is that hiring a defense lawyer does not mean you are guilty. Many people who are innocent benefit from a lawyer on their side. A criminal lawyer can help you sort out paperwork, communicate with law enforcement, and more. It can make the process of dealing with a charge, or a potential charge, easier. And it can give you peace of mind that you’re covering your best interests on all accounts.

Don’t think that hiring a lawyer shows guilt in any way. Hiring a defense lawyer simply means that you are protecting yourself, your family, and leaving the logistics up to a professional.

How to Hire a Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney

Making a call to a legal team and asking them to represent you can help start the representation process. Each lawyer will likely have their own next steps in assuming responsibility for the case. However, you should expect to talk about payment options and any specifics of your case from the get-go. Your lawyer will remind you of what to talk about in person, and what is ok to discuss over the phone.

To find a criminal defense professional you can trust, look no further than the Law Office of Jennifer Curry. Contact us today for help in your criminal defense case.

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Call Your Criminal Defense Lawyer, State of Georgia

Looking for Legal help near Columbus, GA?

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes the difference. When in doubt, it’s important to call your defense lawyer. The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry provides criminal defense representation in Columbus, Georgia, and across the state. As a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Jennifer Curry should be your first call if you need representation in a criminal case.

Our Legal Help Services

The Law Office of Jennifer Curry is dedicated to enabling every person a fair trial before the eyes of the law. Ms. Curry is licensed and educated in criminal defense and would be pleased to take on your case. Anywhere from drugs, homicide, property crimes, sex crimes, traffic offenses, and weapon charges, Jennifer Curry has seen it! Ms. Curry is extremely experienced in hard crime cases and can handle your case. She is fully and thoroughly recognize that every client’s needs are diverse and dynamic. She is ready to take on your case!

Why Get A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Though no one wants to be in this situation, if you have been accused of a crime, it’s time to call a criminal defense attorney. Though you may think a lawyer will only help you during your trial, there are many other steps your lawyer will help you through. Before your charges are even issued, Ms. Curry can help you through the investigative process! While interrogations and investigations are taking place, your criminal defense attorney will be there to advise you on which questions to speak and not speak on. A defense lawyer can aid in lowering bail, getting a plea deal, potential dismissal of charges, and even looking into your constitutional rights.

What To Expect With Your Defense Attorney

When you call a criminal defense attorney you are hiring somebody to win your case. You can expect them to make your case a priority and discover why it’s unique. They will use their expertise and professionalism to look at the evidence and attempt to win your case. A criminal defense attorney may even be able to find an argument that will help drop your case. Or if found guilty they can help lower bail, sentencing, and charges. Overall, with a defense attorney, you will be giving a trusted professional the chance to better your chances of either winning your case or improving the sentencing that you receive.

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Though no one wants to be in this situation, if you have been accused of a crime, it’s time to call a criminal defense attorney. The Law Office of Jennifer Curry is dedicated to enabling every person a fair trial before the eyes of the law. Once you decide to hire a defense lawyer, you are deciding to give yourself a shot at a fair trial. 

The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry provides criminal defense representation in Columbus, Georgia, and Alabama. Jennifer Curry is an expert in her field and has fought and won many hard crime cases. 

If you have been accused of a crime, do not hesitate to contact our law office today!

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The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry, LLC, provides criminal defense representation in Columbus, GA and throughout the surrounding areas. Ms. Curry is admitted to practice in Georgia and Alabama.

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