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Welcome to the Law Office Of Jennifer A. Curry, Attorney at Law.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.

Due to our long time experience specializing in criminal defense, the law office of Jennifer A. Curry will help you to find the best solution to any legal issue with top criminal defense attorney representation in Georgia and Federal. We will work with you to provide personalized guidance for your legal problems and provide professional representation all while walking step by step through the process by your side. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, personal, and individualized representation for each and every client.

The law office of Jennifer A. Curry is a full-service, criminal defense, law firm primarily practicing drug charges, DUI defense, homicide, property crimes, sex crimes, traffic offenses, and weapons charges. When faced with these serious charges you will need an experienced advocate on your side to help you through your specific circumstances. Turn to the Jennifer A. Curry law firm who will compassionately work with you through every step of your case, from the initial consultation to the courtroom, and finally determining the best strategy moving forward. We are committed to providing the best legal defense possible for the accused so you can get back to the important things in life.

Our company offers only legal help and we act only in accordance with widely recognized moral principles. With our extensive experience, we represent clients in state, superior and federal courts. Turn to an expert criminal defense attorney that you can trust, Jennifer A. Curry, for your legal needs in Georgia and Federal.

Jennifer A. Curry

Attorney at Law
Jennifer A. Curry

Practice Areas

Welcome to the Law Office Of Jennifer A. Curry, Attorney at Law.

We are dedicated to provide the highest level of legal services in the area.

Property Crimes

We’re here to defend your property crimes case in Columbus, GA and the surrounding counties.

Weapons Charges – Criminal Defense Attorney

Weapons charge? Look no further, Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry is here for you.

Traffic Offenses

Turn to the best, our attorney can help you with your traffic offenses in court.


Drug charges can be scary. Ms. Curry will knowledgeably walk you through the legal process.

Sex Crimes – Legal Help in Columbus, GA

The criminal defense attorney you need in difficult sex crime cases, Jennifer A. Curry.


Charged with a homicide? Call Jennifer A. Curry to defend your hard crime case.

Why Choose Jennifer A. Curry

The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry provides professional legal services and in accordance with widely accepted moral principles.

Great Experience
Experienced criminal defense attorney.
Community Service
We play a leading role in the Columbus, Georgia community.
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Get Legal Advice
We provide a broad range of experience with hard crime cases.
Expert Lawyer
Don't put your future in jeopardy, trust expert lawyer Jennifer A Curry.

Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry

The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry, LLC, provides criminal defense representation in Columbus, GA and throughout the surrounding areas. Ms. Curry is admitted to practice in Georgia and Alabama.

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