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When you hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you in a homicide case, you are placing your case, your legal outcome, and even your life in another person’s hands. Finding the best criminal defense lawyer in Georgia and Federal will be the most important decision you make after charges have been brought. You must fully trust your attorney to provide the best legal representation for your individual situation. The Law Offices of Jennifer A. Curry will be there for you, protecting your rights as the accused.

Penalties are severe for a homicide conviction and can vary widely, possibly losing your freedom or even your life. These charges are serious and you need the experience of an attorney that has litigated hard crime cases. Trust Jennifer A. Curry to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case. Ms. Curry will work hard to give you the best criminal defense possible and walk with you step by step through the process. From the initial consultation, considering all possible outcomes, to recommending the best course of action for your individual circumstances, and finally, through the trial, she will be by your side, answering all of your questions along the way.

When your freedom and your life are at stake, don’t settle for a court-appointed attorney. Turn to the Law Offices of Jennifer A. Curry, we will advocate for you and protect your rights.

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The Law Office of Jennifer A. Curry, LLC, provides criminal defense representation in Columbus, GA and throughout the surrounding areas. Ms. Curry is admitted to practice in Georgia and Alabama.

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